My June beauty favourites…

img_0152So as it is officially July and I have spent half of my wages on products, I thought what better way to show you lovely lot a few of my favourite purchases this month from my ever-increasing beauty collection than to narrow them down into a monthly favourites post? I’ve found a few little gems this month that I’m so excited to share with you guys so I’ll stop yapping away and I’ll get into it.

First up I’ll start with skincare. As you all know, I am obsessed with skincare and I am never not looking for new products to slather upon my face to make it perform better. I feel like it is the most important thing for any makeup wearer because you can’t expect to have flawless skin without looking after your skin.
The first skincare product I have is the Primark Beauty Booster Oil and I think this is just fantastic. When I first bought this oil, I was sceptical because my skin type is combination and I’m prone to oily patches so the last thing I need is more oil right? I was completely surprised at how wrong I was and how much I just fell in love with this product. It soaked beautifully into my skin and gave me that dewy look that everyone is after at the minute; I’ve always been a matte kinda gal but this made my skin look so healthy and I was instantly sold. I will 100% recommend this product to anyone because I love it!


Next in my skincare favourites is the L’oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water Moisturiser. Now as you can probably tell from the picture below, I am in awe of this revolutionary moisturiser! Let me tell you, this is seriously magical and I don’t think I ever want another moisturiser in my life ever again! The texture, the scent, heck even the packaging is to die for; it is so sleek and high-end looking and I even just love having this on display. The formula is like no other and is absorbed into the skin in seconds, leaving no sticky or heavy residue behind just a soft and dewy base ready for makeup. There are no words for this bad boy so just go and purchase it and thank me later!


Another product from the game-changers, Primark have introduced their ‘Love To Glow’ range and again it’s another collection that, for the price, doesn’t disappoint. One product I fell for was their Instant Radiance Serum. I’ve never owned a serum before so for my first impressions of one, I liked this; TBH I like anything new and beauty related! This does give a lovely but subtle glow to your skin that then comes through when you apply your base and as I mentioned above, I am living for a dewy glow lately!


Now Garnier micellar water is an OG oldie but goody when it comes to makeup remover but this one has taken a step forward and knocked the ball out of the park. This product is fantastic when it comes to removing makeup and purifying the skin. Specifically formulated for oily and combination skin types, it will remove waterproof mascara, 12 hour foundation and even matte lipstick (and we all know how much of a bugger that is to get off). I like to know I’m giving my skin the best when it comes to a remover, so with this its pretty much a 2 in 1; dissolves makeup and purifies the skin. It’s a win-win!


So, after skincare, I want to move on to my drugstore beauty must-haves and what other way to kickstart these than with the absolute beauty that is Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer? If you haven’t yet heard of this as being a holy grail product then what have you been doing with your life?! Now I know I spoke about this in my Top 10 Drugstore Products Under £10 (not checked that out yet? Have a lil read!), but I just had to include this because I don’t think a month has gone by in 2017 that I haven’t bought another tube of this. I LOVE IT. There is honestly not much to say apart from it is an absolute bargain considering just how good this product is, I mean, I can’t apply foundation without this on top- they’re a team in my makeup routine. Its brightening, a thick but non-cakey formula and it gives incredible coverage.


Eeek, I love this next product so much! Like, beyond high-key obsessed with this palette! Again, it’s another product from Primark (see what I mean when I say they are killing the game!) and it is their PS… Pure Glow Highlighting Palette. Just look how pretty it is😍 *serious heart eyes*. Not even exaggerating here, I love this an incredible amount! The pigmentation of these shade is incredible and I feel there is a shade for most skin tones, which I love! My favourite of the four and the one I use on a daily basis is the ‘Glimmer’; I could truly say, to date, this is my all-time-must-have highlighting palette and at only £5 I am just astounded. They aren’t chalky or patchy, instead, you have four buttery, pigmented highlighting shades that’ll have you glowing to the gods.


The second of the three palettes I’ve got to show you in this post is the incredible Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette. Ugh. This. Again, major heart eyes for this palette and you know what? Round of applause for Makeup Revolution for bringing high-end worthy, pigmented products to the drugstore👏🏼 I know this brand have been around for a few years now but it seems to me that with every new product release, they up the quality and this girls, is no exception. Insane colour pay-off, beautiful selection of warm-toned shadows and to-die-for rose gold packaging, I just don’t know why this product wouldn’t be a staple palette in your collection!


When it comes to drugstore setting sprays, I’ve tried a whole heap of them but I have to say L’oreal has come out on top in this department. I need a setting spray when I know its going to be a hot day because I do not need my makeup melting off and looking like a hot mess this summer. This is a staple product for me in the summer months. This product has come under fire from critics in regards to white spots that occur for when spritzed on the face but I’ve found that you have to hold it at arm’s length from your face and let the mist fall onto your face.


Another product that sets and mattifies your face beautifully is the Rimmel London Match Perfection Translucent Loose Powder. I have tried a fair few powders to set my base however I was yet to find one that was completely translucent and that didn’t feel cakey on my face but this one came through for me! I have tried the Rimmel Pressed Powder which was, in its own right, good but I didn’t feel like I got the coverage I was after. This provides me with everything I would need and want from a good powder and that is exactly why it is part of my monthly favourites!


And finally, the last eyeshadow palette and the last product to grace my June favourites is my most recent favourite purchase; it’s the PS… Eye Candy palette from Primark’s Cotton Candy Collection. From the minute I set eyes on this palette I had high hopes and it didn’t let me down. I fell in love with the range of shades and just how pigmented they were. I did an in-depth review with swatches which I’ll link here and you can find out exactly what I thought of this palette.


So my lovely lot, these were my favourite drugstore products for the month of June. Don’t forget to follow me on BeautifulMessedUpMinds and my social media accounts to keep up-to-date with my newest posts!

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8 thoughts on “My June beauty favourites…”

  1. I’m so jealous you got your hands on the Eye Candy palette from Primark. I picked up a super matte lipstick and adore it.

    I hope I manage to find more of the candy range in their stores.


  2. I absolutely love the Makeup Revolution! not to mention that palette is so pretty. I also don’t believe we have those two Loreal products in the US unless I just havent seen them near me; but that makes me excited when we do get it!

    Ashley |


    1. Oh me too! It’s one of my favourite drugstore brands😍 oh they’re both just so so good! You should definitely get them! Thankyou for commenting xoxo


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