September favourites; Blogger edition…

So it’s finally October, the best time of the year! The crisp orange leaves, the chunky scarves are draped around our necks and us bloggers are THRIVING in all the Autumness. I’ve read some pretty brilliant blogs this month and I just had to share the writers in this month’s favourites!

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First up is Sophie from with one of the best blog posts I’ve read to date. Hands down, Sophie nailed her post ‘The mental minefield of dealing with weight gain’ and I adored the way her words just flowed together. This post, along with so many of her others on her site are so beautifully put together and her outfit posts are ON POINT! You should deffo go and give this girl some love!

Sophar So Good

Next up we have Sophie from and she is a beauty, lifestyle and mental health blogger. Sophie hasn’t had the best of times as of recent but has still managed to keep up with her brilliant YouTube channel and blog and has channelled this energy into writing inspiring posts focusing predominantly on mental health. These posts are incredibly raw and inspiring, to be quite honest they are what made me fall in love with her blog. Give her posts a read and I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

Petals Of Perfection

Another blogger I am just loving at the moment is Kiran from and if you are looking for some photo inspo then this is ya girl! Kiran’s blog posts all have beautiful flat lays, OOTD’s and even selfies with celebs which is enough to give you a serious case of envy.

Next on my list is the BEAUTIFUL Hayley Colleen who runs, the site that is brimming with positivity and inspirational posts. Her blog is just stunning, both aesthetically and content-wise. With all the negativity around the world, it really is a breath of fresh air to see someone who is committed to providing a positive platform. I would highly recommend checking out this lovely lady but be advised, you may get seriously jealous at just how good her pictures are.

Year of You

Robyn who runs is next on my list and just one click to her site and you’ll see why. I love the layout of this girls blog; it’s professional, it’s easy to navigate and it is SO aesthetically pleasing! The style this girl has is next level and her outfit posts are clearly evident of that, this is one of my favourite fashion blogs to date. I need Robyn to be my personal stylist!

Screenshot 2017-10-10 at 14.19.12


Now, I do appreciate that this post is late and also shorter than my usual ones, however, I have been extremely busy this month with my new job and just haven’t had the time to be as active with blogging as I usually am. If you enjoy this series and think you, or someone you know, would like to be featured then comment below and I’ll check out the blog. As always, all my love…




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