My Primark Cotton Candy Collection swatches and review…

So if you’ve been reading my latest posts you would have seen my My June payday wish list… (If not, click the link), and as soon as payday came around, you just know I was straight on my merry way, debit car in hand, to Primark! Now because I live in Northampton, our Primark store isn’t as good as say Primark in Oxford Street that probably stocks every product… Maybe a trip down to London is on the cards for my next haul 😏

So for the meantime, I decided to pick up all of the beauty products I wanted from my wish list and carried them proudly to the till, my mind buzzing with ideas on how to write it up. The only thing I didn’t manage to find was the beauty oil, which was a shame because that was one of the products I was really intrigued to try, but I shall have to take a trip elsewhere to find that because my Primark will take forever to stock it!
The first products, or should I say collection, I was searching for was the Cotton Candy collection and ugh the PR pictures don’t do them justice. When I saw the collection displayed, I lost it and filled my arms with the whole collection; the eyeshadow palette, eyes, lips and face collection, eye pigments and matte lipsticks. The thing that drew me to these products in the first place was the matte pink packaging and when I finally got to hold them in my hands, they felt amazing.
Because I couldn’t get my hands on their beauty oil, I obviously had to compensate so I also bought a few packs of their fake nails, which as you can see are beautiful and a pack of choker necklaces which obviously aren’t beauty related but they are beautiful so I had to grab them!

So first up is the incredible Ps… Eyecandy eyeshadow palette and upon first impressions of opening the lid to find nine incredibly unique shades, six matte and three shimmers, I was sold. Unlike usual palettes nowadays with the typical carbon-copy warm tones, this palette sticks to more cool tone neutrals and, as a cool-toned gal myself, I am living for this! The palette layout itself reminded me an awful lot of Kylie Cosmetics’ first few palettes but, of course, the colours are much different. The first colour I’m instantly drawn to upon opening this palette is the very middle shade, which looks like it would be perfect for a transition shade! I’m also loving two of the matte shades in khaki and lilac colours, something I’ve personally not seen much of in eyeshadow palettes; and for this reason alone, I feel this palette is something new and unique and quite frankly, I’m a fan already.

Next piece in the collection is the Ps… Cotton Candy Eyes, Lips & Face Collection. Based on first impressions alone, I am feeling the two highlight shades the most; with the first being a true cotton candy pink, hence the name… see what ya did there Primark, and the second being a rose gold shade. The three eyeshadow shades, in my opinion, are pretty but basic, however the grey toned top shadow is very unusual and I am a little intrigued to see what eye looks I can create. The lip cream in this palette is also a very unusual shade; it’s like a nudey/mauve/grey toned lip colour and I feel that this could be a winner. I think it might closely resemble Kylie Cosmetics’ matte liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Moon’, but that is only based on my first impressions of the lip cream still in the unopened packaging.


The next products in this collection are the Ps… Eye Candy Eye Pigment’s in the shades Raspberry Bonbon and Iced Gem. Now, unfortunately, my local Primark store only had two of the three shades in stock and were missing the last one so I couldn’t complete my collection but if you keep an eye out on my social media, I’ll pop up a separate review and swatch on there! I do have really high hopes for these eye pigment’s and I really hope they sparkle to the gods and there isn’t a great deal of fallout.


Finally, for the last part of the Cotton Candy collection is the Ps… Super Matte lipstick in the nude-pink shade. Although there were two other lipsticks in this collection, I decided not to buy them because when I swatched both colours I thought they had a striking resemblance to the matte liquid lipsticks in ‘Cookie Dough’ and ‘Chocolate Brownie’ and quite frankly, I didn’t think it was worth wasting my money; both products are the same colour and are of similar consistency so, what’s the point? The colour I did pick up however, I am obsessed with!


So now on to what you’ve all been waiting for; the all important swatches and reviews!

The photo on the left is without flash and the photo on the right was taken with flash. As you can see from the swatches, the colours are pretty damn pigmented… even the white which, if you’re an avid palette buyer, you’ll know it is rare! The shadows themselves aren’t as buttery as I’d have liked, they were more of a chalky consistency which is a little disappointing but, what do you expect from a palette that is £4.50?! I mean it’s superb for the price but I wouldn’t go out thinking you’re getting an exact Violet Voss dupe! I did create a cute, simple eye look with the palette though and I was pretty impressed. I was however rather disappointed with the amount of fall out, so ladies if you’re going to buy this particular palette, do your base first!

Next up, I swatched the Eyes, Lips & Face collection and I was pleasantly surprised yet again with the pigmentation. The two highlight shades were not for me though, as they were a little too much for my skin tone. I would imagine someone with a darker skin tone would suit both the pink toned coppery toned shades but for my pale skin, they were just too much. They would however make lovely eyeshadow shades for us pale gals that can’t use them on our cheekbones.


The eyeshadow pigments are incredible. I was really impressed with the pigmentation and sparkle that they gave on my eyes; just like the rest of the eyeshadows in this collection, they did have a fair amount of fallout but I didn’t really expect anything less with a pigment. I used an eyeshadow primer on my eyes and wet my brush with priming water so the pigment was brighter and stuck to my eyes a little better. Personally I feel that these pigments, along with the eyeshadow palette, were by far my favourite products from the whole collection but I may be a little biased because eyeshadow is definitely my favourite product to collect!

Lastly, it’s the matte lipstick from the collection. I loved this lipstick. A brightly pigmented pale pink with insane texture! The lipstick is beautiful. The matte formula wasn’t at all sticky or drying and glided on with such ease! It lasted a long while on my lips and smelled so sweet which I loved.

On the left, the lip cream and on the right, the matte lipstick

Below, I have inserted some pictures of the finished look. Overall, this collection would get 4 stars out of 5. The reason the collection as a whole wouldn’t get a full 5 is because of the amount of fallout and the consistency of the shadows however for the price of all the products in the collection, I would definitely purchase them again. I feel like these items would be perfect for an everyday look or, failing that, would look beautiful in your makeup collection!



Thank you for reading my Primark Cotton Candy Collection. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions for me, leave me a comment below or contact me on my social media…

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    1. Right?! And their homeware range too! I wish they’d just open up a store dedicated to purely beauty and homeware, I’d love it!


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