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Image-1 (8)Now something many of my beautiful followers may not know about me is that I am an avid vaper. I absolutely love my vape and have been inhaling a variety of vapour juices for a little over six months now. It all started when my mum, a smoker for over 40 years, turned to vaping after being diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and being told that her life expectancy would go down drastically if she were to carry on smoking. Smoking cigarettes was the reason for her health problems, including asthma, high blood pressure and now COPD, a life-long disease, causing chronic breathing problems and will inevitably lead to the collapsing of the lungs. Enough to make you stop smoking right? Well if not, it should; my mum can barely make it up a flight of stairs without a  I would only class myself as a social smoker as once I had a few too many Malibu and coke’s, I was heading for the smoking area to puff away. But this soon became buying packets during the week and having fags behind our garden shed. My mum found out about my social smoking and although, at the time I was 21 and of legal age to puff away, she was upset; so she went away and bought me my first vape kit. Originally, I won’t lie to you, I was a little sceptical and had the view that my ‘present’ wasn’t something useful… Boy was I wrong. Since then, I was hooked. The variety of liquid flavours you can get is incredible; they vary from strong mints to sweet fruits and everything in between. However, I quickly found myself wanting more. I wasn’t getting the flavour that I had first experienced so I bought myself a Pockex by Aspire, a few steps up from my vape pen and got more flavour, exactly what I was looking for, right? No, what I quickly came to realise was that it was the type of juices I was putting into my vape and that I just hadn’t found the right flavour. The vanilla-based flavours were not what I was looking for, the menthol flavours were too harsh and the fruity flavours were just too sweet. Because of this, I bought my first packet of cigarettes because my vape just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. I felt like I’d failed in some way but I quite enjoyed smoking; until after not even half a packet, my ‘smokers cough’ came back with a bite. So I made it my mission to find a vape store that had exactly what I wanted and Ladies and Gentlemen, rejoice because I have found the one… RightVape. What I do not like about an awful lot of vape stores is the atmosphere; I hate walking into a store and feeling intimidated and the assistants more interested in sales than finding the vape for you. This was the first thing I noticed about the owners of RightVape, they were welcoming and more than happy to let me try out dozens of flavours to make sure I found, excuse the pun, the right vape for me. I left with a bag full of juices that I honestly loved and found that I had spent half an hour of my time with the owners, Gary and Ryan, trying different flavours and chatting about everything and anything. Anyone that reads my posts knows that I will not rave about a product if I genuinely don’t like it but guys, I have found my vape heaven! Customer Service? Nailed it. Variety of flavours? They’ve got ‘the one’ for you. Value for money? Incredible. So without further ado, here are just a handful of the juices I just need to share with my fellow vape lovers!

First up is ‘Manic Mango’. Now this isn’t your average fruity flavour, which is something I feel an awful lot of juice manufacturers just can’t quite nail when it comes to actual fruit flavours and because of this, I was instantly sceptical. I imagined it would just be overly sweet and tangy but it is far from. The burst of mango that instantly hits your taste buds feels like you’ve just bitten in to the fruit itself, it is a truly wonderful juice. It is smooth and the flavours just bounce around your palate but isn’t too overpowering; a juice that you could have on an everyday basis. If you’re a fruity vape type of person then this one is 100% for you!

Image-1 (4)

Next up is one that I never thought would be right up my street and definitely not a flavour that I would put in my favourites but ‘Coffee Cream’ is divine! Like taking your first sip of Starbucks latte with extra whipped cream, the smoothness of this juice is what sold it to me. With coffee flavoured anything, I think it’s difficult to not be too overpowering and bitter but I think the creamy texture of this juice is what stops it from being too harsh. Honestly, I feel like I’m taking that first gulp of Nescafe without the liquid and I love this flavour!

Image-1 (6)

My second and last fruity flavour that I had to put straight into my basket was ‘Cherry Bakewell’. Anyone that knows me understands my love for a cheeky Cherry Bakewell and I have tried a, supposedly, cherry bakewell flavour before and it was a straight up, in-the-bin flavour for me but this… Mr Kipling move the hell over! The smooth, cakey consistency combined with the perfect amount of cherry flavouring and hint of nutty almond is what makes this liquid the! A must have flavour for me!

Image-1 (3)

And last but by no means least is my favourite from the bunch. ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ is just wow. One of my first vape-flavour obsessions was a vanilla ice cream flavour but when it got discontinued, I was gutted. A vanilla ice cream flavour was what I was searching for ever since and could I find one that was bang on? Nope, no such luck. That was until I spotted this little beauty on the flavour menu and I just had to give it a try. Wait… Did Mr Whippy just show up and stuff a 99 into my vape because this is exactly what an ice cream tastes like. I have found ‘the one’ and I am not talking about my boyfriend. There are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe how utterly fantastic this is. This juice is smooth and creamy, just like an ice cream, and with the perfect amount of vanilla. Not overpowering in the slightest but more like a joy for the taste buds and I cannot recommend another juice like it!

Image-1 (5)

So if you guys are on the hunt for a vape store that sells actual true-to-life flavours, RightVape is totally for you. With low prices, impeccable customer service and the guarantee that you will find your favourite e-liquid or two, I cannot recommend RightVape enough! I wont be going anywhere else from now on.

Just to mention; this post is a paid and sponsored post but I am 100% honest in what I test and review and would never promote something to you guys without fully believing in what I am advertising. I truly do love to vape and have found my favourite shop to go to, it just so happens that the incredible owners of RightVape want me to write for them. Thank you so much for reading and I highly reccomend checking them out!

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