What is in my handbag?

Seeing all of my fave blogger gals emptying the contents of their purses for the fulfilment of all us nosy parkers has made me completely want to rummage through mine, chuck all the chocolate wrappers and pick through what crap I've been lugging around on my shoulder since I bought the bag. So I've spilled the contents of my Newlook handbag and found so many products that I thought I'd lost and approximately a thousand bobby pins…

Firsts thing I pulled out, I had my favourite bottle of my many Victoria's Secret body mists in the scent Coconut Sunset which smells divine and always reminds me of the beach. Although this particular body mist was limited edition and is no longer sold in stores, the range of scents Victoria's Secret sell is incredible; I guarantee that they have a scent you'll be obsessed with! They retail in Victoria's Secret stores for £16.36 (or they're doing an offer of 3 for £18.18 making them £6.06 each! Bargain!) which is a a lot for a body mist however the bottle is 250ml and even just one spritz lasts the day, TBH they last longer than some of my £30 perfumes!

Next it was my purse, which has absolutely no cash in it whatsoever as I am a broke ass bitch (hurry up payday!). My purse is just a simple pale pink one from Primark that just contains all my cards like my debit card, driving license, my library card (don't laugh, I just love books), my Starbucks card and what purse is complete without a soppy photo of you and your partner?

Now if I'm leaving the house wearing lipstick, you can bet that lipstick is coming with me too. There is no way that I'm spending my day not eating or drinking just to preserve my crimson lips so I just always take what I'm wearing that day and on this day it just so happened to be my NYX Lip Lingerie in the colour 'Babydoll' and my MAC dazzle glass lipgloss. The two together is just the perfect combo!


I also have my car keys in there. Well I say my car keys, they're not solely mine because me and my boyfriend currently car share as my car died on me last year (RIP Annie 😭) We drive a black Peugeot 206 and I am 100% the better driver 💁 So when the keys aren't with Jon or in the car, they're in my bag!

An umbrella because… well it's pretty self explanatory so that one doesn't need a reason, but it's in there because I'm always prepared, rain or shine… Literally.

Now I do always carry around these 3 folders with me because if I don't leave them in there, when I need them I'll probably just forget them. They are my folders from therapy with all my 18 weeks worth of guides and skill training all presented in folders. I like to be organised and to know where everything is so it's handy for me to have these on me just in case I'm in crisis. It's just reassuring to know they're there if I need them so that is why they are always in my bag.


Headphones; because who the hell wants to be anywhere alone without them?! I don't have any fancy ones, just your standard Apple headphones and they let me jam to my Spotify playlist just fine!

In my small zip pocket, I've sort of made this my 'emergency pocket' literally just in case. In here I have a pack of my anti-depressants, paracetamol, migraine relief, tampons, pads, lip balm, safety pins and bobby pins. I am literally always prepared for an emergency and am 100% that girl who goes rummaging through her bag as soon as anyone says "hey, do you have…?"

FullSizeRender (1)


I also keep a few bottles of my vape liquid in my bag too because there is nothing worse than when you are, for say, at work and have run out of juice and you need your nicotine fix. My favourite flavours at the moment and the ones that I keep handy in my bag are strawberry milkshake, custard doughnut and spearmint, so I can puff away without having to panic about burning the coil!


Lastly, and quite boringly, I have my work pass for Barclays. I have to keep that on me at all times as working for a bank, security is high. I would pop in a picture for you but 1. there is literally no need for you to see my work pass and 2. I'd probably get sacked if anyone got a hold of my staff number so I'm just gonna leave that one out!

So that's what is in my handbag, not overly exciting and I think pretty bog standard when it comes to handbag norms. However, I hope you enjoy and let me know what random things you girlies keep in yours! Thanks for reading x

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