My June payday wishlist…

THE NEW YOU (2)Hello you lovely lot! I just need to start this post with a quick little apology for not having a post up for over a week but I was unfortunately admitted into hospital for 5 days and I am still recovering. It’s been a stressful one but I haven’t been able to write without being in absolute agony and that has been the worst because I am in my favourite place when I’m writing! But, seeing as I have had so much time to browse the internet, I’d write a list of all the things I just need to get my hands on this payday and share them with you guys… Being honest here, I did have a list buuuut the products were mostly all from Primark so I’ve switched this list to an all Primark wishlist:

Now, I don’t know how exactly I’m going to manage buying all of this stuff as well as paying all my half of the bills but we can work that out when we get there and I can be sure to look damn well good while I decide whether we want to pay the gas or the TV bill.

So first I wanna start with the beauty favourites that I have major heart-eyes for and desperately wanna get my hands on.

Kicking off my Primark payday wish list is the new Pink Range. It is full of mattes, shimmers and all pink (if you didn’t already get that one). The matte lipsticks and the 3 incredible eye pigments are honestly just calling my name, I need them – BADLY. The matte nude lipstick looks like the most perfect shade to be pared with a heavy eye look; I’m talking bright shimmers, lashes, the lot! And that’s where their eyeshadow palette comes in to play. I mean look at the colours, they’re stunning and I’ve already thought of so many looks I am just dying to create! This entire collection is just beautiful and as soon as payday comes around, these babies are mine!

primark beauty pink cotton candy make-up range

Next is their Recharging Beauty Booster oil that contains ginseng, Vitamin B3 and Marine extract. This bottle comes with a little dropper applicator so you can be just like all those Insta models obsessively dripping oil onto their faces like their lives depended on it, before looking into the camera with an ‘oooh’ expression whilst some upbeat pop tune plays in the background. You know. Anyway, I am loving the main active ingredients in this oil because, individually, they work wonders for the skin so I can only imagine (for now) what they’ll be like combined. Fresher, healthy skin and a dewy-finish after you’ve beat your face? Count me in!


Next on my list is a load of new holiday pieces, perfect for lounging on the beach and looking incredible. Primark have seriously upped their summer range this year, some of their swimwear range looks like it could be high-end/designer and I am very much impressed. These swimsuits are EVERYTHING!😍 I mean just look at them, they are pure gold, even looking through the collection makes me crave a Piña colada (or two) on the beach. I think the designers have really focused on detailing this year and they have not got that wrong. I love the tied-up effect on the White Tie Side Swimsuit, which turns it from simplistic to beach-babe and the use of metallic golds and matte nudes on the Block Swimsuit makes me swoon! Moving away from detailing, they have nailed the print designs also. My two favourites from the range of printed swimwear has to be the Red Miami Swimsuit along with the Floral Cut Front Swimsuit. No detailing on these babies but who needs them when the prints are striking enough to make the lifeguards fall from their perch! The swimwear I have featured, sit down for this one, range from £4-£10 and no I’m not kidding!

One of the clothing pieces that really caught my eye was the Blue Lace Insert Playsuit then by its dirt-cheap price tag of only £8. It is bang on trend as the innocent ethereal look is very big this summer and with this lil number combining the lace detailing with the soft-blue loose material, stick a flower in your tousled locks and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped off the SS17 catwalk!


On to shoes now and my word it was hard to pick just a few because I would have them all if I could! You could say that I’d ‘fill my boots’… God, I love a cheesy pun. First, I seriously am so late to the party when it comes to sliders and I really want to get my hands on a pair or two. They are perfect for lounging around the pool or dressing down an outfit that may be too fire just for sitting at the hotel bar for an hour. What makes sliders different from your average sandal is the fact that you can have style and comfort without having to worry about that thing separating your big toe from the others giving you blisters or the hard plastic decorations that cut into your feet 😦 I mean all I wanted was to chill and here we are, a box of Blistex down and hobbling along the high street. I’m so past that. Pass me the faux fur sliders! The Nude Faux Fur Sliders are my absolute favourites. Secondly, I just adore the Pink Velvet Strap Up Sandals. The pink crushed velvet straps just add an extra girly touch to these already dainty shoes. I feel like they would be perfect with a pair of rolled up skinny jeans and a loosely fitted white shirt just like this one here.

Last but not least, my favourite part, homeware. Now Primark are one of the greats of affordable homeware and I can tell you one thing for sure, I go insane when a new range drops or they have a homeware sale. You can bet your bottom dollar I am there with two baskets filling them till my heart’s content and my arms are about to drop off. Their new range of rose-gold items are minimalistic but oh so chic and add a completely fresh vibe to any room. Even something as simple as their Rose Gold Basket placed on your vanity, filled with some of your favourite beauty products is going to transform the look of the room and keep it organised which, let’s be honest, we all need on our desks. I’m a sucker for storage solutions that are stylish as well as practical! The same goes for the beautiful Copper Heart Jewellery Holder; I’m so bad for letting my jewellery lie on the windowsill and forget about it or else I end up losing it, so for me a cute way to display my favourite pieces and a practicality… I’m so here for that!

Then, they kill the game with homeware accessories that just add the perfect finish to a room. I’m loving the Faux Flower PotPink Standing Flamingo and the gold elephant stack as little feature ornaments to place around the living room; chuck a cosy throw over the sofa and place a few of the Pink Fluffy Pillow’s on top and you have the perfect feng-shui going on.
And last, but by no means least, their candles. My oh my, their candles. Smell. So. Good. It’s just a huge plus that they are crafted in a way that can make them centerpieces and sometimes waaay too good to even think about lighting. That’s exactly why the Golden Dreams Jar Candle and the Cactus Candle Set are on my list!

Now that is my wishlist of Primark Purchases for June and I can’t wait to get my hands on them all! I’m sure there will be way more in my basket than there are on this list cause I just cannot control myself in there; I have a big problem…
Thank you for giving this a read and I’ll be sure to pop up a post when I do get round to raiding Primark!

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