My holy grail highlighters…

Highlighters. Are. My. Thang. Seriously, I adore a good highlight and I always make sure I am glowing to the gods when I apply one. So you can imagine my disappointment when I buy a highlighter and its so dull it may as well be a setting powder. Anyway, we’re not here to talk about the products that have failed me, that post is already up. What we are here to talk about is my personal holy grail highlighters, the ones that give you that glow to light up a room. So if you’re more of a subtle-glow kinda gal this post probably wont be for you.

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So the first palette I want to talk about is one that, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will have seen me talking about before. This is the Primark, yes Primark, Ps…Pure Glow Highlighting Palette. Now this is just heaven; like four little fairies sprinkled their pixie dust into four, beautiful shades. This shade ‘glimmer’ (top right) is my go-to for an everyday look; it’s perfect for my pale skin. The velvety-smooth formula and insane pigment in these shades is incredible and for £4, you seriously cannot go wrong!


Next up we have four gorgeous shades from the Sleek Solstice Palette. The combo of colours in this palette, along with the absolute glow in gives off, is what instantly drew me to it; we have three powder highlights in lilac, golden and peach colours and one cream in a champagne colour. The variety of ways you can use the palette is brilliant, I use this on my high points of my cheeks, brow bone, nose, heck I even use the highlights as eye shadows. If you guys know me, you know I don’t really get on with creme highlighters so I don’t use the cream highlighter an awful lot, but I do use it as a base for my eyeshadow. I love the pigmentation and colours included in this palette and if you can’t decide what shade suits your skin tone best, this palette is a good buy.


Now, before you read where this next product is from and aside from the brand logo on the packaging, JUST LOOK AT THIS HIGHLIGHT. IT 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼 FROM 👏🏼 PRIMARK. NO LIE. I’M SHOOK. You guys are probably sick of me banging on about Primark’s beauty range but come on, it’s beautiful and completely game-changing. This highlight was my first pink-toned one and as soon as I swatched it, I knew I had to have it in my collection. The initial appearance of this product in the pan is that it’s just a pure pink shade but, as you’ll see from the swatch, has a champagne undertone. I love it. It’s so different from other shades and can we just talk about the way it looks like silk?! Good job Primark!


Next up is a must-have product for me as it’s practically a 2-in-1! With 10 eye shadows and 4 incredible highlighter shades, this palette is just a holy grail! The highlights in this palette are so versatile and pigmented, I just love them! The one thing I do love about this Carli Bybel palette from BH Cosmetics, is that it’s suitable for every skin tone from pale to deep and I think more brands need to recognise that there are more than six skin tones in the world. As I cant use the deeper-toned highlighters, I like to use them on my eyelids, team that with a brown transition and you have a beautiful bronzed eye look. I’d also recommend you wet a brush beforehand when using these highlights as the can be a little chalky.


My next product is actually a dupe for the £25 Two Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlight and is just as pretty aesthetically and colour payoff-wise. The I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love triple baked highlighter is an absolute beauty. This highlighter not only looks pretty on your vanity but gives the most beautiful, subtle pink glow to your skin. I really do love this palette and, after Primarks’ Pure Glow palette, is my go-to for a night out as it gives your face an amazing subtle bit of colour.


And finally, for my last highlighter, we have MUA’s Undress Your Skin in Golden Afterglow. Now, I would say that the name ‘golden afterglow’ is a little misleading as this highlighter gives off a more bronzed sheen but, nonetheless, is a beautiful little bargain! I wear this when I’m tanned and pop it on my body rather than my face and I love it!


So that’s it for my holy grail highlighters! If you have any highlighters you recommend let me know, as always, in the comments below or on my social media!


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27 thoughts on “My holy grail highlighters…”

  1. These all look SO gorgoeus and i’m so glad they’re all affordable cos otherwise my bank would be suffering after reading this 😂 I love the MUA ones so much and really wanna try the pink one too! Loved this post! 🙌🏻
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You should! You won’t be disappointed 😊 I’ll have to try out some of these too because they look so pretty 😍 xxx


  2. All of these look awesome (god I love highlighters!) but the first palette really caught my eye. I feel like I’ve tried so many highlighters but at the moment and for a while now my favourite has been the Becca highlighter in Moonstone 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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