Welcome to Beautiful Messed Up Minds…

If you’ve been around for a while you’ll have seen my outdated ‘about me’ page and it was about time I gave this site a bit of a face lift. I’ll keep it short and sweet and just introduce you to me. 

So, I’m Kate – or as my mum likes to remind me when I’m in trouble, Kate – Alice. I’m 24 now and still haven’t got my ish together 👍 But I do love to write. I graduated in 2016 with an honours degree in journalism (shock) and worked for Marie Claire Magazine’s beauty desk in London for a little while. That’s kind of where my love for both beauty and writing really took off and now I like to combine the two. I’m currently training to be a makeup artist also which has been such a great experience and I’m sure you’ll see plenty of posts relating to my journey. If not, (input shameless self promo here) you can follow me as I dive deeper into the world of makeup on Instagram


What you’ll see in this blog is me. I do use writing as a form of therapy and escapism so there are quite a few personal posts to do with mental health-related issues. Some posts could be quite triggering but I’ll always let you know before reading and all my socials/comments are open if you need anyone to talk to. I get it.

I want to make this site for me, sharing my thoughts, opinions and stories and I’m hoping to relate to some people through my words. I couldn’t quite choose what topic to cover as I really love beauty/makeup but I’m passionate about mental health and want to spread the word that it really is okay not to be okay; hence the name Beautiful Messed Up Minds. 




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