My favourite YouTubers…

If there is one thing I am honestly obsessed with online, it's YouTube. I absolutely love YouTube and the opportunities it brings so many users, with this I have equally become absolutely obsessed with certain YouTubers. With this I want to do a little list (knowing me this won't be little at all) of all the users of the social networking site that have completely changed the game and have inspired not only myself but others to be all over more experienced and inspired.

To kick this off, it's one of my favourite women in the game. Grace Victory aka the Internets Big Sister. Gracie is the ultimate confidence babe and this is just one of the reasons she is one of the girls I will watch on the daily. Grace uses her personal experiences with mental health to inspire others and it is not afraid to speak her mind; a body confidence babe with a style to die for, I absolutely adore her. If I could sit down for just an hour and have a cup of tea (or cocktails) with her, I think I would probably lose it but come away with the majority of my body confidence issues crushed and with serious style envy. Grace Victory I salute you for, despite being through hell and back, being one of the most honest women on YouTube.


Next up is a new favourite of mine and admittedly I have not been long subscribed but let me tell you something, she is a total babe and I am 100% a lifelong subscriber now! If you haven't heard of her already, what are you doing with your life… Hello huns, you already know who it is…IMOGENATION!!!
Imogene Hudson is literally a breath of fresh air in the land of YouTube and has rapidly gained a huge following of 74 thousand subscribers and growing. You just know that the reason so many people, including myself, just idolise her is for the way she comes across so legit on camera. She is one of those people who you just know absolutely adores her followers as much as she adores her family, because if you haven't watched Imogene then you won't know that love and family is EVERYTHING to her. She isn't just another beauty blogger, she's very real and down-to-earth but don't let this fool you because she's actually crazy! She can't conform to the usual 10-15 minute long videos because she chats a lot and I love that about her. Watch just one video and I swear you will not even notice that the suns gone down and it's now time for bed.  


Another girlie I constantly check up on is Sophdoesnails. Sophie is one talented lady who is probably the reason for Superdrug's spike in sales for highlighter because she is always, without fail, glowing to the gods! Soph's love for drugstore and more affordable products is why people came to love her and, as she's a student herself, she makes people realise that you really don't need to spend hundreds on products that you can get for a fraction of the price and still make her makeup look high-end. She is single-handedly the reason why I go through nearly three tubes of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer a month. That in itself is probably why drugstore brands, like Makeup Revolution, want to work with her.


A YouTube legend is next on my list and it is none other than that of Desi Perkins, the OG Californian girl. The overseas beauty is the ultimate beauty guru and if anyone knows their stuff, it's Desi. One of my all time personal favourite video of hers is her Halloween tutorial of the melting face, that was literally incredible and so expertly done.


Another American Youtuber that I think is just fantastic is Karlee Holden. Karlee is a mum of two that makes hilarious videos on beauty and her experience of becoming a parent at a young age. I have always had the personal view that there is absolutely nothing wrong with young mums; a lot of the time they can be better parents that older parents are and for me, Karlee proves this and beyond. Shes un-apologetically honest and frank and I can say, because of her personality, this is why she's one of my all time favourite YouTubers


Moving back over the Atlantic and back to Britain for the next few of my favourite YouTube stars now and what better way to start this one off with none other than VelvetGh0st aka Gabriella Lindley. Gabby has been a YouTube favourite for so many over the years, whilst documenting her weight loss issues and countless surgeries she gained the support of a lot of people . Now she is an avid beauty blogger that vlogs and sings, is there anything Gabs cant do?!


Next on my list is ItsSabrina, formally known as LiveLoveMakeup. Sabrina is a total Essex glam girl and night out makeup is her forte. Without a doubt, if i'm heading out to town for a few, you'll be guaranteed that I will be on her channel looking for inspo!  This gal 100% knows her stuff when it comes to nailing the perfect stay-all-night-long makeup so if you're looking for just that, do yourself a favour and check out her channel!


Another YouTuber that I am only recently subscribed to is EmmasRectangle but I think I've pretty much binge-watched all of her videos already. I do not know what it is about Emma but she can pull off any look; from grunge queen to bronzed goddess. She also has amazing taste in fashion and I think she knows it because she posts amazing try on hauls and model-like shots on Instagram. This lil lady is fab and with over 300 videos, she is one to binge watch!


Now I have saved this one till last because this girl is yet another breath of fresh air on YouTube. Friends with Grace and covering similar topics, Hannah Witton is not afraid to speak about things that young women are scared to talk about. Sex, body image, periods and mental health. I think one of the reasons I do just adore Hannah is the way she comes across on camera when talking about these topics; she just doesn't find it embarrassing at all when talking about topics such as masturbation, which I feel makes girls realise that these are all normal parts of life and nothing at all to be ashamed to talk about. Hannah Witton, you are taking your place on the internet as an influencer for younger woman and my god you're doing it well! Check out her channel, if you haven't already, and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!


So there you go guys, ten of my favourite YouTubers. It was difficult to choose a certain amount of people because I could have written for days. If you have any other YouTubers that you love, comment below and I'll check them out! x

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