A little bit about me…

“You will never be brave if you don’t get hurt, you will never be successful if you don’t encounter failure and you will never experience without mistakes …”

Hey, I’m Kate. I’m 22 years old and writing is one of my biggest passions in life; I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Since blogging and YouTube became more well known as a media platform, I have followed countless of bloggers and watched them grow into massive successors of the internet; I have always wanted to be one of them- not to necessarily ‘take over the internet’, but to be able to write and not just save to my documents where my words are never to be seen or heard from again. I pushed myself down because I would constantly wonder ‘what is the point?’ but now I want to get out of ‘my documents’ and into the big, wide-world of blogging. Better late than never I guess…

So a little about myself, without the generic ‘tea enthusiast’, ‘animal lover’ type of bios… I’m 22 years old and last year I graduated with a 2:1 Hons degree in Journalism I had just moved in to my own place with my boyfriend and had a job I absolutely loved. Happiest time of my life right? Wrong. You see the thing is, 2016 was the year I no longer wanted to be alive. The year that all my past trauma collided with the present and created this ticking time bomb on the verge of self-destruct. I have a fabulous selection of mental health problems to offer to the world including depression , anxiety disorder, PTSD and borderline personality disorder and they are free to a willing home… Anyone that doesn’t get sarcasm, that was it; because I wouldn’t wish my disorders on anyone however I would never trade them for anything because they have made me in to the person I am today, as i’m sure you’ll find out. But i’m not just my mental disorders. My other passion in life is singing but don’t expect to hear anything anytime soon, I’ve just managed to write my first blog post after years of umming and ahhing. I have a serious (and probably unhealthy) addiction to makeup, and I live in a house that I am obsessed with decorating- I drive my other half crazy! Oh and I have a child, he’s 9 months old and loves water. He’s called Bailey and he is my cat and if anyone wants to argue that he’s not my child then try me!

I want to make this space a platform for positivity, opinions and honesty but for anyone who may need it, I’m going to include a trigger warning at the top of a particularly sensitive post, because although I want to be positive I also want to be honest and some of my stories aren’t for the faint-hearted.

If you’re interested in my story and if you’ve made it to this point, thank you… I look forward to chatting to you!



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