Twitter; the land of opinions and evermore opinionated people. There are a lot of opinions that are deemed popular with most but I’ve picked a few of them that I absolutely can’t stand. Before I get into these, I just want to disclose that none of these are meant to offend anyone, they’re just my opinions and this post is not meant to be taken so seriously. At the end of the day, everybody is entitled to their opinion and these so happen to be mine. So, let’s ruffle some feathers with my #unpopularopinions…

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Zoella is HELLA annoying

I don’t like Zoella. There. I said it. I think that she is one of the most overrated YouTubers that has ever graced YouTube. I don’t get the hype around her and personally, I feel that there is a massive pressure on certain YouTubers to be like Zoella. Her whole ‘childish’ persona really grates on me and don’t even get me started on her merch. A £50 advent calendar filled with Poundland junk? Christ 🙄

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Harry Potter is overrated

Don’t hate me! One thing I never really got into was Harry Potter. I don’t have the patience to sit and watch three hours of most movies tbh and this is just one of them. There’s nothing in particular about the movies and I don’t hate them but I just don’t get the hype.

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Social media pages for pets

This I just don’t get at all. It is so cringe in my opinion. Like, you are pretending to be your pet? What?! Just post pictures of them on your own Insta?

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Unicorns and Mermaids

Ugh, I never understood this trend. Why are people so obsessed with things that literally aren’t real? Are you over the age of 12? Yes? Then please, for the good of humanity, stop. At first, it seemed cute but now you can’t go anywhere without seeing a unicorn or mermaid printed on something. This trend needs to become as non-existent as the unicorn itself.

The unicorn trend is infantalising us all and it needs to die

Pineapple belongs on pizza

Here’s a controversial one for you; pineapple on pizza. You either love or hate it. And I love it. The sweetness of the pineapple, the saltiness of the ham… it just works!

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Chris Brown isn’t a monster

I have always been a fan of Chris Brown; I enjoy his music and I think he is incredibly talented, watching his documentary only confirmed this for me. But what I don’t get is the amount of hate this guy receives. Yes, I understand he assaulted Rihanna and it was terrible what she was subjected to but nobody speaks about the fact that she also assaulted him. He took all the blame for what happened that night and she never spoke of it. She hit him, spat at him and squeezed his genitals all whilst he was driving a vehicle. Domestic violence goes both ways and I believe in situations where you are being attacked, regardless of gender, you have the right to defend and protect yourself. I just don’t think he deserves the amount of hate he receives.

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High end makeup is overrated

Okay, I love makeup. It’s one of my passions and one thing I get really hyped about is a drugstore-priced product with high-end qualities. I think there are hundreds of drugstore beauty products that dupe or sometimes even exceed high end products. Sometimes, you are just paying for the name.

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I love Tana Mongeau

Everyone seems to hate on Tana but I won’t lie, I actually love her. I think she’s hilarious and one of the few YouTubers that don’t conform to some type of standard for her videos. She’s unapologetically real and I literally watch all of her videos. Tana is one of those people that I’d love to share a few cocktails with.

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I don’t get the PLL hype

I tried to get into this, I really did, but the plot just bored the hell outta me. It was so long winded and the acting was shocking and if the acting in a show is bad, I lose interest quickly. Maybe I should have given it more than a couple of episodes but I was falling asleep by the fourth one.

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Obsessed with tea” in a Twitter bio

I recently tweeted about this because it annoyed me that much. Seriously, what kind of personality trait is that? ‘Ooh tea is life”, no please stop. Personally, I think it shows that you have nothing interesting to say about yourself

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So, that’s it for my #unpopularopinions post. Feel free to comment below, regardless if you agree or not but please just remember that these aren’t meant to offend anybody and purely for entertainment.


35 thoughts on “#UnpopularOpinions”

  1. I think this post is hypocritical, as in your last post you said an sort of abuse or assault was wrong in anyway but you are supporting chris browns decision..
    & if people like mermaids and unicorns let them be happy, instead of hyping up about how much you hate them,.
    I think you need to proof read your posts before submitting them to your page as the can offend people and affect people’s lives.. it’s not the first post I’ve disagreed on, you need to think about the real facts in some of your posts!


    1. Like I said, I didn’t want this post to offend anyone. These are just my opinions☺️ Appreciate the feedback though ☺️ have a nice evening.


  2. Loved this post! It is difficult to be real on the internet because it will offend someone, but it should be OK to have a different opinion on things. It is natural because we are all different people. ❤

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  3. I genuinely agree with half the things on this list but this was a pretty entertaining post. I always get worried about sharing my opinions about stuff like this because you never know what fandom could attack you for it. Really great, funny post xx


    1. I’ve only received one hate comment so that is pretty good going! But you should never apologise for your opinions😘 Thankyou for commenting!xx


  4. I think I agree with half of what you’re saying ahah. I am a Harry Potter lover so don’t get me started on that. I do however not understand the hype around Zoella, PLL, mermaid and unicorns. And I don’t like pineapple on pizzas ahah xx corinne


    1. Ahhh yes girl, you know! Let’s have a sleepover and get the pizzas in!🍕 ahah right?! I’m so glad you agree!😂 awww thankyou so much xxx


  5. I don’t get the PLL obsession either. I’m not into pineapple on pizza though! You’ve raised some good points here though!


  6. Totally agree on Zoella! I just don’t get it and that’s not because I’m jealous I just frankly think she’s boring and there are much better more interesting bloggers.
    I loves PLL to start off with and then it just gpt stupid and I stopped watching. Some tv shows need to know when to stop! xx


  7. Great post, I can say that I agree with 6 of those opinions and that’s only because I have no opinion on the last 3 (I don’t know who Tana Mongeau is… opps…. and I never watched PLL….. Also.. Who has “obsessed with tea” in ther bio?? Never saw it) as for Zoella. Well I know she exists and that’s about it, so I also have no opinion on her.


  8. Ooh, girl! Those are some very unpopular opinion but guess what? I actually agree with you on almost all of them except for the ‘having an insta for your pet’ one- I think it’s kinda cute 🤔 haha! But omg I never got the hype for PLL, like yeah it was good the first season I even got through the second but after that I was just DONE! Really enjoyed reading this, great post! 💕

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  9. The Chris Brown comment might land you in shit but the others I wouldn’t say were unpopular opinions. I agree on high-end makeup for the most part, if it’s something like lipstick or eyeshadow I don’t see the point in buying an expensive product- however for foundation (especially if you’ve got pale skin like me where it’s hard to find a colour match) I think sometimes you need an expensive one for the quality.


  10. Great post! I have actually never seen or read Harry Potter, it’s just never really appealed to me. I can’t stand pineapple on pizza and have never seen any of zoella’s blog 💕


  11. I agree with a few of these! I watched a couple of seasons of PLL and although it was alright, I really don’t get the hype and I’ve never finished all of the seasons. I just got a bit bored, sometimes I think shows make too many seasons and I lose interest haha. I also love Tana, she’s hilarious! And I’ve never really understood the Zoella hype either, I just think there’s people with better content out there. Especially recently, a lot of it is just flaunting her big fancy house and isn’t very relatable anymore x



  12. Hi Kate! I just found you on Twitter and wanted to stop by to show your blog a little bit of love. I know that this is an old post but it takes a lot of guts to talk about your opinions on the internet – especially if they are unpopular! I actually found myself agreeing to a majority of these so, I guess we have some similar thoughts on these sorts of things. Keep up the great work. (:


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