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July is coming to an end (I mean seriously, where is this year going?!) and this post is another monthly favourites, except I wanted to do something a little different other than the usual beauty favourites. This month I’ve seen a hell of a lot of incredible blogs; from flat lays and headers to word choice and advice, I’ve been seriously envious!
I wanted to do this post to, sort of, give credit to those that have been absolutely killing the game in the blogosphere.

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First up I have my OG blogger babe and co-creator of the BloggerBabes group (Find us on Twitter and join our Facebook group), it’s Abbie from I never thought it was possible to adore somebody that you have never met in-person, but Abbie is this person for me. Her blog is beautifully put together with fabulous content and outrageous flat-lay photos. I have a serious case of envy when it comes to her blog. Abbie brands herself as a lifestyle blogger and has the perfect mix of content, from blogging tips and tricks to press launches and personal posts. She also has a YouTube channel, including a video that, if it gets 10,000 views, herself and her bestie are going to do a skydive for charity, so give it a view (sorry abs 😉). Watch this space because this girl is going places!


Next up is Alice from Alice’s blog gives off the perfect grungy-beauty vibe and is something a little different to the usual airy-fairy blogs we see a lot of (not that there’s anything at all wrong with that though!). I love bloggers that are un-apologetically different and blacktulipbeauty is no exception; a fabulous beauty blogger channelling Lady Gaga-esque yellow hair- yes yellow and ROCKING it! Gone are the days when grunge couldn’t be glam because, let me tell you, Alice is one of the coolest bloggers I’ve seen to date; piercings, tatts and a makeup collection to-die-for! Check her out and I know you’ll fall just as in love with her as I have!


Next up we’re crossing the pond to this Ohio babe from Bri is all about drugstore dupes and fashion steals and, being a student herself, knows how difficult it is to study, work, shop, actually live – all of the above. She is real-talking and an absolute stunner with a beauty/fashion collection to die for! Did I also mention she is the president of a sorority at her campus?! Go Bri!


Okay so for this next one I am a liiiittle biased because she is my absolute best friend IRL but I love her so it’s a given she gets a mention. Meg from is a lil gem and writes about pretty much everything that takes her fancy- got a question about RuPaul’s Drag Race? She’s your go-to gal!


Next on my list is Beff and this lil lady is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger but rather describes herself as ‘a little bit of everything’ kinda blogger. Her site is so wonderfully put together, with beautiful flat-lays and an oh so chic and professional vibe. I’m an avid reader of Beff’s blog and am constantly wanting whatever shade of lipstick she’s wearing because this girl can seriously pull off any colour! Go check her out at and I’m sure you’ll be equally as obsessed as I am!


Another Alice that I’m just loving at the moment is over at and is completely honest as well as beautiful. This girl loves fashion almost as much as she loves a good beauty product so if your looking for a top review or a Primark hall, then she is the one! Anyone who loves Primark as much as me is a winner in my eyes!


Next up is Jas from and this lovely girl has been one of my number one followers from day one and is the one I go to if I ever need a pep talk! Her blog is my go to for something a little different but fun! Jas recently switched up her blog to resemble more of her personality and I love that; honesty is always key! So, if you’re looking for someone who’s utterly obsessed with Disney but knows just how to rock tattoos and Vans then she’s your girl!


Baby girl what’s your name, its and she’s killing the game… (did you like my little T-Pain remix there?) Lily is next on my list of my favourite blogs and just one click on her site (do it!) and you’ll know exactly why! Lily is an absolute cutie but don’t be fooled because this girl knows her stuff when it comes to beauty. Just recently she was showing me her new Huda Beauty products and I was just in awe! If her favourite lipsticks post is anything to go by, expect to see more enviable products on there soon!

Screenshot 2017-07-31 at 18.19.22.png
Ah Ronnie from, my lil brunette beauty, what a blog! If you’re looking for sophisticated chic crossed with absolute glam throughout, this blog is for you! Beauty is her thang, not just because of her insane makeup skills but because of the array of products she has to offer. One thing I have to say I dislike… what her blog is doing to my bank balance because DAMN I NEED IT ALL! (Come on, did you really think I’d have anything bad to say about this absolute babe?!)


Last but not least, we have a little Lola (probs not little but what a cutie), haha don’t be fooled by ‘little’ though because this banging babe is on point with her content. Over on, Lola covers everything from health and lifestyle to fitness and travel and some of her food posts look insane- garlic chicken cashew, I’m looking at you! A beautifully simplistic blog, bursting with fabulous and informative content!

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These are my favourite blogger babes at the moment so please be sure to give them some love because I know they truly deserve it… I mean don’t just take my word for it, look at their beautiful creations! I’d love to get to know some other bloggers so make sure to comment ones that you love. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love it when other bloggers share the love like this. I’ll be sure to check out these blogs.

    Faye Jessica x


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