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LifestylePeriods. They bloody suck (pardon the pun). It seems completely unfair that we have to endure nearly an entire week in dire pain and feeling absolutely dog-awful EVERY MONTH. But unfortunately, we have to and there aint nothing we can do to stop good ol’ Mother Nature from taking its course and sending Aunt Flo our way. Every. God. Damn. Month. Now, girls, if you cant already tell, yes I am currently on day three of my cycle and am just doing the usual “why me?!” whilst wiping away my pity tears with cheesy Doritos-stained fingers. I feel like a mess. So I thought that I’d share with you my tips to making the inevitable a little bit easier, a little more bearable and a little less agonising.

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First off, this is something I decided I’d do after last months hell was over and that was to fill a box with little treats to have when you’re feeling like absolute crap during your next period. I thought this was such a cute idea and such a brilliant pick-me-up for when your feeling like the world is against you. So to do this, I literally grabbed an old Nike shoe box and put pink tissue paper at the bottom; I grabbed some chocolate from the sweet cupboard and bunged that in. I put all my favourite bars in there like Kinder Buenos, Kit-Kat’s and Dairy Milk just so I could have all the munchies I wanted without even having to leave the house. Present Kate salutes you past Kate! I would have included a picture here but I just didn’t think before I devoured everything… I’m sorry guys. #worstbloggerever

Heat! Heat patches or a hot water bottle will be your life saver when it comes to excruciating cramps because it relaxes the muscles thus relieving the feeling of Satan squeezing your ovaries.

Granny panties… hear me out on this one! For me, it is essential to have a few pairs of the underwear that is purely for when you’re on your period and this is for a few reasons; one being comfort. You crave comfort when you’re in pain and as ugly as these pants can be, you cant deny that they’re damn comfy! I wouldn’t dream of wearing a thong during my monthly, but maybe that’s just me. Next reason being that you don’t want to ruin a nice pair of pants, your sexiest pair of Victoria’s Secret underwear for say, with blood just like I did… Sometimes tampons just don’t cut it. Lastly, I doubt you’re going to wear your tightest dress right now so there isn’t any need to worry about VPL. Who cares, you rock your granny pants girl!

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Next is also to try and alleviate your cramps and that is with medication. Unfortunately I can’t take Ibuprofen as the gods just wanted me to suffer but it is an anti-inflammatory drug that can reduce period pains. Failing that good ol’ paracetamol can work a treat but if like me you need something a little stronger, Co-codamol is also brilliant with pain. You can buy a low strength dose over-the-counter or you can get it on prescription but, as it contains the opiate drug codeine, it will make you drowsy so just ensure you’re not driving or away from home!

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Let people know. Now I’m not saying shout it from the rooftops and tell every passer by that your bleeding from your vagina but I think it’s important to let those that are close to you know that you’re due on and your probably gonna be a bit of a bitch. The reason being? PMS. I get the worst PMS known to man and I am literally a headcase over the most stupid things, honestly ask my boyfriend… I poured his cup of tea down the sink just because he didn’t make me a cup and I then proceeded to cry my eyes out… Yep, that happened.  We laughed it off but it was completely crazy and I 100% blame my hormones being all over the place. Just tell your other half to prevent them from thinking you are clinically psychopathic.

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Keep tampons or pads, whatever your choice, with you at all times literally just in case. Knowing a woman’s luck, we’ll probably be in the middle of nowhere with no 4G to load up maps on your phone to find the nearest shop whilst wearing white jeans when aunt Flo makes her unwanted appearance. Just keep some Tampax with you, for the love of God!

They say that foods that are rich in Iron like fruits, veg, nuts, red meat and wholegrains are perfect for staving off cramps but I’m sorry, am I the only girl that just wants to eat her body weight in chocolate when I feel crap? I really don’t fancy a salad at the best of times but on my period?! Really?! But I love honey cashew nuts so I guess that helps beat cramps and my sweet tooth so, the best of both worlds really!

Lastly, listen to your body. If you feel like you need to sleep, sleep. If you feel like you need to go and run, run. (I’ve never met anyone that’s up for a jog on their period but if that’s you, hit me up because I need your motivation!) Your body will know what it needs when you’re on your period, so listen to it. Do something that you love like get your nails done or binge watch a Netflix series. For me, that so happens to be writing whilst devouring a packet of custard creams then crying about it… But what can you do?

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10 thoughts on “Period Survival Guide…”

    1. Right?!? Yeah I feel so crappy rn but filling myself up nicely with chocolate aha🤷🏼‍♀️ Thankyou for the comment babes💕✨

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  1. This would have been a must read during my preubscent years. I like to think now I’ve fully grasped how to cope with periods. Yet I still every month. Guess you can never be prepared or cope with them.


  2. Such a good post! Honestly, all I do is eat chocolate and lie in bed feeling sorry for myself, so I’m definitely gonna have to make a box full of chocolates so I don’t have to leave the house 🙊 x


  3. haha the honesty in this post and how relatable it is made it so enjoyable to read! I literally do most of these things! lool xx


  4. I loved the honesty of this blog post. I think every girl reads this and can relate- we all like ‘I feel ya sister!’.
    The treat box is also a cracking idea and I think we deserve it after a week of hell! Great post! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thankyou so much sweetie! It’s why I wrote it, because most women have them and everyone thinks it’s gross and I’m like umm no?!
      I love getting comments like this, it makes me feel great!xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well good for you! Us women need to stick together and talk about this stuff because otherwise it will be another silent topic that makes everyone awkward. Women are amazing, yes we may have the icky week of the month but we carry babies!!
        Looking forward to reading your other blog posts! Xx


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